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Firmware Update Instructions

* Supports Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit).
* If the installation fails, please install Microsoft .NET Framework 4 first.
* Install the USB driver (CP210x_VCP) before operating the utility.

Online Update

This utility can be used to update the firmware of all HobbyEagle's products, including A3 Super 3, A3 Super 2 and Programming Card.

To update the firmware online, the computer needs to be connected to the internet. First connect the gyro to the PC with the USB adapter using the black data cable, wait until the initialization is done. When the gyro is ready, double-click the icon to run the utility. Choose the port number in the bottom left corner. If you cannot find the port number in the list, please verify that you have installed the USB driver correctly. When updating the program card, don't connect the card until the "Device detecting" dialog is shown.


Choose a target device name from the dropdown list in the upper-right corner (e.g. A3 Super 3). After selecting, the firmware list will reload and show all available updates for the device currently selected.


Choose a target firmware from the list, please note the version and date of the firmware when choosing.


After selecting a firmware, click the "START" button to start.


Don't remove the device from the PC until the update is done.


Click "OK" to complete the update.


If the update doesn't start after clicking the "START" button, but a device detecting dialog is shown, you just need to remove the device from the data cable then reconnect it again. The update will start automatically when the device is reconnected.


Offline Update

You can also download the firmware package from our website and perform an offline update for your unit. Click the "Open" button to select the local firmware file (the *.bin file) on the PC, e.g. A3S3_FW_V2.0.bin.


After selecting a firmware file, confirm the information displayed in the "Firmware Info." Area, then click "START" to start update and wait until the update is done.