Connecting a TBS or ELRS receiver via CRSF

CRSF is a high bandwidth, low latency digital serial protocol designed by Team BlackSheep, supports bi-directional transmission, designed primarily for high-speed data transmission between a receiver and other devices. The open source radio system ExpressLRS also uses CRSF on their receivers. By updating the latest firmware V1.6, A3 Super 4 and A3 Mini can support CRSF now and allow you to connect the gyro to a TBS or ELRS receiver with one single wire.

Receiver Wiring

Connect the TX, VCC and GND pins to [Serial RX] of the gyro, as shown below. The RX pin is not required to connect because the gyro will only parse the channel values from the receiver but never transmit any telemetry data back to it. The pass-through channels (AUX1 or AUX2) can be used to output throttle signal for the ESC on any output pins of the gyro (the default is OUT5). Both the receiver and the gyro will get the power from the ESC.

Gyro Setting

Download the latest A3 Configurator (V1.2.3 or later), or upgrade the Program Card X to the latest version (V1.6 or later), change the receiver type of the gyro to "Serial Digital Receiver->TBS/ELRS CRSF" mode and setup the channel mapping to match the channel order of the transmitter, then restart the gyro to make the new settings take effect.

Important Notes