Notice for the faulty accessories of A3 Super 3


Dear Users,

Thank you for your trust and support for our products all the time. We are awfully sorry to inform you that, because of our mistakes in work there were some faulty 4-Pin wires found within the accessories of A3 Super 3 recently sold. The faulty wire may cause the connection to fail when connecting the gyro to PC or the programming card. Please allow us to provide you the methods of troubleshooting and remediation. If the similar issue occurs to your unit, please try to check and fix the 4P wire as follows, or contact our dealers for replacement. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we will strengthen quality control measures to avoid such mistakes in the future.

Thanks again for your support over the years.

HobbyEagle Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
November 29, 2021

Faulty Accessories and Batches

The 4P/1.25mm leadwire is used to connect the gyro and the external LED module. The faulty wires may be found in the A3 Super 3 standard or full set packages sold since August 2021, however, not all the products have this problem, you won't have to replace it if your gyro works well.

Fault Identification

Check Methods

Visual Check Carefully check the terminal connections of the plugs at both ends of the wire using a magnifying glass, to see if any exposed wires contacted with the adjacent pins which could cause a unexpected short circuit, as you can see in the following figures, click for larger pictures. These 4 wires should be insulated to each other or will result in a failure during the communication. This type of short circuit will only affect the communication but it will not cause a short circuit of power supply.

Instrument Test Test the pins adjacent to each other to see if any short circuit occurs by using a multimeter, if so, it's probably caused by the problems described above. Please make sure that the pens of the multimeter be connected to the metal pins firmly when testing.


If the above issue occurs, you could try to cut the exposed wires carefully using a knife. In order to being operated easily, the metal pins can be pulled out from the white plastic shell by unlocking the buckle with tweezers before operating. All the pins should be plugged back into their original positions in the correct order after finished. A properly fixed wire can be used normally without replacement.


Please contact our dealers for replacement if this issue can't be resolved.
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